About Us...
For a number of years, we have considered ourselves more of a "flex-duo"... with a fun mix of possibilities to offer, depending on the show. Now, we do things a little differently...

Basically, I,
Auset, write the songs and most fortunately these guys like them enough to add their amazing magic to the mix.

Along with doing my best to sing, I play electric and acoustic guitar, plus some lapsteel and banjo thrown in here and there.

Brad Sarno
squeezes so much expression out of each note that you have to carry tissue with you to the shows (ask Ron). He chooses very carefully from a variety of instruments, which include acoustic & electric guitar, ukulele, couscous shaker, some melodica, and of course, the ethereal beauty of pedal steel guitar.

Tastefully holding down the low end on upright and electric bass, with a contagious smile and groove is multi-instrumentalist
Stephen Nowels.

Keeper of the beat is a big role shared by a couple of very talented percussion/drummers - Dennis Stringfield, R. Scott Bryan and Paul Shaw are the guys you might likely see with us.

So, what do we sound like? Hmmm... kind of a smooth blend of Alt/Folk Rock/Americana with big open space. Our music has been described by others as having "beauty with grit". For us, our ultimate purpose is to serve the song... where space is JUST as important as the notes; where loudness is a dynamic of energy NOT a rule of sound. More than anything, we simply love to play music, and that's why we do it.

Where do we play? All over the place... From festivals, benefit concerts and local fundraising events to the esteemed Sheldon Concert Hall & The Focal Point, we have had the honor of sharing the stage with and opening for a variety of outstanding musicians, to include Shawn Mullins, The Bottle Rockets, The Greencards, Big Smith, Sarah Bettens, Javier Mendoza, Johnette Napolitano, Oteil Burbridge, Waterloo and many many more.