The Mystic - 2007 IAIA Golden Kayak Winner - Best Alternative Song
The Mystic The song of which the station is built upon. The symbolism of mystical art is amazing, like this song in which Auset is able to impart something much more than some beautifully arranged notes.. it's an experience, if one is open to what it offers. - "they dance in your head, simply requesting that silence be met at the place where you hear a true reply"... this is the place we all have to reach to draw from the soul so that it might show through our art.

Music is Truth "THE MYSTIC" a mind blowing experience.......... I happened to have another visit to Auset's artist page and scrolled down through the songs and my eye caught the song entitled "The Mystic" so I had to have a listen. This song captured my interest and attention immediately. The elements of Ausets soulful vocals, her fluid guitar accompaniment coupled with the tasteful bass lines and the well defined and skillful percussionist who holds it all together so well. The songs introduction is quite appealing, with its reflective calming quality and to me is quite introspective. The lead guitarist captures your attention with such a sweetness of staying within the theme of the songs title with a very Mystical and elegant feel that is very smooth and at the same time piercing the very soul of my being with its own singing quality The song embodies a skillful tapestry of lyrics and instrumentation that will have you coming back for more of this song many times over and over.."The Mystic" is an exceedingly well written and nicely produced composition. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful song here at IAC-.....bryon tosoff
When Will We Love True
ReflectiveRespect - Yeah, finally a lass that knows how to speak to another lass in descending bass lines and minor lifts at the return only one of ours, in my opinion can understand this kind of groove's secret purpose, but then maybe I'm just being presumptuous. It doesn't really matter, what matters is that the daring and courage to stray from the typical and offer up this number in such a beautiful delivery and like the band says, "trippy" format, is just worthy of immense respect today. I've always loved this kind of stuff and always found a secret delight when alone within the particular groove and pace of songs like this, especially from the voice of a sister. . . . respect!!!!

What the Folk! - Everytime I listen to this song it blows me away, it is addictive, captivating and has a appeal that is difficult to put into words, that is the power of music and how it can move our spirits to laugh, cry and celebrate. I certainly am in awe of Auset's skilled guitar playing and that killer steel playing, What a fine beautiful melody line in between those wonderful vocals, I could go on and laud this song and the artists even more, but need to listen more : thanks Auset for such a heartfelt song and sharing it with us.!!!!

Indie Extravaganza - Sweet, simple and smooth. Auset writes and performs with a presence that I hadn't heard on IAC until I listened to her music. Something makes me want to play it again (and again, and again). Beautiful orchestral feel to the pedal steel. Kudos to all.

The Gift - Her music is so beautiful and soulful, it just reaches in some place deeper and makes you feel. I had another song chosen to add and was completing my comment while listening to this one... and decided to cancel... so many of hers have such a special meaning tome...dammit I'm crying again. Lovely Auset.
With You
JP Sharpe Presents IAC Super Songwriters Auset is a great songwriter and performer. She has a range of fantastic tunes often with accompaniment from other excellent musicians. One of the best at IAC from what I can tell and I wish I had found her page sooner. Oh well, better found than lost.

Freedom Lovers This is a song of love and acceptance as well as that gift of grace which is unconditional love. So being loved for who I am is so appreciated and I thank you for that........... Auset provides some real fine finger style guitar playing, and she sings out those lyrics with such soulful sweetness that pulls at the heartstrings and tells a wonderful story of love and appreciation.
Don't Give In
Up Close and Personal For anyone and everyone who has ever walked through the Valley of Darkness and across the Plains of Loneliness of life, Auset's "Don't Give In" is the Holy Grail of song for pining hearts emptied by loves lost and spirits crushed and despaired by life's painful costs. Strains of aching pedal steel, poignant lyrics and Auset's gifted songwriting talent and soulful dusty vocals mixed with the passion and melodic pleading pouring out from the instruments of her compatriot musicians shines a light deep inside the darkest of corners, gently offering peace and comfort to weary and disquieted hearts and uplifting burdened spirits. "Don't Give In" is an inspirational and reflective ode on the mirror of life. It doesn't get much more Up Close and Personal than this.

What the Folk! Auset's singing makes you want to, well, just listen.

Wreck On The Highway In the wide open spaces of loss there is always a gap where we can sneak back in to the valley of life and struggle on. Where we go in our moments of grief is unclear but we do go somewhere, maybe down a crooked path of long shadows and chill winds that bleach us into acceptance. Our emotional ties can so easily sever, we lose people along the way like pieces of a puzzle that won't finish fair, but we carry our broken with us and trace the outline of who is missing on those quiet days. Auset sings so beautifully for these unfathomable fragile doubts. I wasn't bricked up ready for this song to happen upon me tonight! Though the only colour of blue is sad, here is a song that brings comfort down like a warm blanket, just to know we all feel sorrow in different ways and at different times shows music as tender as this is as comforting as comfort gets. A Mesmerising, haunting song for the soul.

Folk Miner .... the MotherLode the deep sweet siren sound of pain and hope, Auset mezmorizes me here.